Why Verify? The Case for Third Party Verification of Environmental Data

In recent years, we have seen a shift in how businesses perceive environmental and sustainability work. Once thought of as a niche issue relevant to a small subset of stakeholders, sustainability has become increasingly mainstream. Organizations are facing increased pressure from investors and stakeholders to improve transparency, completeness and accuracy of publicly reported sustainability processes and data. The primary means of ensuring this accuracy is through third party verification. What is Third Party Verification? Verification of environmental data is an independent quality assurance that assesses the accuracy and completeness of data, reliability of data management procedures, and adherence to protocols and standards for calculating environmental metrics. Verification evaluates whether your greenhouse gas emissions data and other key environmental metrics are relevant, complete, consistent, transparent and accurate. Verification is typically conducted to either a limited or reasonable level of assurance. A limited assurance results in a negative statement, which indicates that nothing wrong

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