Addressing water security through water funds

On this world water day, we challenge you to consider how nature might provide the solutions to your water challenges. This year’s theme for World Water Day, “Water for Nature: exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century”, highlights the need to consider not only how we can restore damaged ecosystems, but also the value that natural systems can provide. There are many nature-based solutions available to mitigate floods, droughts and water pollution.  Water management in the 20th century was defined by the construction of large, centralized infrastructure, such as dams, canals and wells (i.e. “gray infrastructure”) to move and manage water resources, with an emphasis on increasing water supply[1]. Gray infrastructure is traditionally the default solution to water challenges. The “soft path” /green infrastructure provides alternative solutions that may bring additional social and environmental benefits.   Ecosystem services can provide many of these same

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