About the Water & Environment Sector

env_practice WSP USA’s water & environment practice has delivered pragmatic, innovative, and outstanding technical solutions to clients on environmental, compliance, acoustics, vibration and air quality, water, wastewaster, health and safety, sustainability and energy challenges. Our reputation is built on enabling our clients to successfully manage risk within their operations, mitigate environmental obligations related to legacy sites or facilities, and plan for the future.

Our engineers, scientists and consultants help multinational organizations and government agencies prepare for tomorrow by designing and implementing sustainability strategies to achieve competitive efficiencies. We take on critical issues such as greenhouse gas (GHG) and resource management, climate preparedness, product performance, the viability of new forms of energy, and managing the challenges associated with achieving environmental and business sustainability across business operations. Our clients trust us to find solutions to their most complex issues and our evaluations take into account their business priorities as well as regulatory considerations. Proof of our value lies in our numerous client relationships that span decades.