David Carstens

David, a hydrogeologist with twelve years of experience, has focused on the investigation and remediation of contaminated properties. He serves as a company-wide resource for the collection and interpretation of environmental data and leads the environmental data analysis and visualization practice area in the U.S. – a specialty service area that provides high-resolution three-dimensional site conceptual models.

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Innovative Take on Combined Remedies

  • Demo Bakenne

    Demo is an environmental engineer with five years of professional experience focused on contaminated site investigation and remediation. His area of focus includes enhanced in situ bioremediation systems, water and wastewater treatment, and soil and groundwater monitoring and treatment. As an associate consultant, Demo has extensive experience in construction oversight and the design and implementation phase of numerous remedial technologies including, but not limited to, excavations, vapor mitigation systems, dual-phase extractions and evaluating monitored natural attenuation.

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  • Matt Burns

    Matt, a Technical Fellow and the in situ remediation practice leader, has over 25 years of chemistry and engineering experience. He brings chemical and microbial process and advanced diagnostic expertise to assist local teams with challenging groundwater investigation and remediation projects in the U.S. and across the globe. Additionally, Matt’s expertise includes stimulating multiple in situ degradation pathways with a single amendment application to more efficiently and cost effectively treat volatile organic compounds.

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  • David Carstens

    David, a hydrogeologist with twelve years of experience, has focused on the investigation and remediation of contaminated properties. He serves as a company-wide resource for the collection and interpretation of environmental data and leads the environmental data analysis and visualization practice area in the U.S. – a specialty service area that provides high-resolution three-dimensional site conceptual models.

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  • Jordan Chamberlain

    Jordan Chamberlain is a consultant on the sustainability & energy team and specializes in sustainability strategy and GHG and resource management. She has experience with data collection and management for GHG and water inventories and supporting the development of CDP responses. Jordan has developed benchmarking studies for our clients around GHG, energy, water and supply chain management and reporting.

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  • Eric Christensen

    Eric, an engineer with 20 years of experience in sustainability, greenhouse gas (GHG) and resource management, energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable design, is a practice leader in the firm’s sustainability and energy team. He has supported 80+ organizations in developing GHG inventories, setting reduction goals, publicly reporting their efforts, and designing and implementing GHG management plans. He was a member of the Technical Working Group for the Scope 2 Guidance development, has been involved in the development of EPA’s GHG inventory guidance documents, and is part of the Technical Advisory Group for the Science Based Targets initiative.

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  • Jim Cramer

    Jim is a senior technical manager with over 30 years of experience in program and project management. He has a diverse background in planning and directing global manufacturing operations and engineering teams, utilizing Six Sigma and lean manufacturing toolsets to achieve organizational cost and quality goals. He is adept at managing all phases of manufacturing and supply chain projects from design prototypes to volume production.

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  • Tord Dennis

    Tord, an expert in supply chain management, product development and environmental compliance, is the leader of the integrated product compliance management (IPCM) practice. His team provides full material data (FMD) collection services for RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, and other product stewardship initiatives.

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  • Evan Evans

    Evan, a senior vice president and director of sustainable services, has over 35 years of experience and is an expert in energy efficiency, renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions management. He provides comprehensive corporate energy management strategies; sustainable energy master planning; renewable energy resource assessments; feasibility studies; energy project investment and power purchase agreement due diligence; and monetization of carbon offsets from efficiency and renewable energy projects.

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  • Kealy Herman

    Kealy is a project consultant with eight years of experience. She supports clients on data collection and management, GHG emissions inventory development and mitigation planning, water risk assessment, supply chain sustainability program development and implementation, and sustainability strategy and goal setting. She also has experience with a variety of sustainability reporting frameworks, including CDP, EcoVadis, GRI and DJSI.

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  • Steve Kretschman, PE

    Steve is a vice president and professional engineer with 38 years of experience in engineering and construction of civil and environmental systems for remediation, restoration and site development. His expertise includes the evaluation of potential environmental liabilities and the development of sustainable plans for the restoration and beneficial use of land and water resources. He manages on-going large scale projects for key clients and provides peer review for the firm’s projects throughout the U.S.

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  • Zoey Kriete

    Zoey Kriete, a senior project director on the sustainability and energy team, has 12 years of experience consulting to Fortune 1000 companies and others in the technology, healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical retail and real estate sectors. She specializes in sustainability strategy development, implementation and reporting.

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  • Jessica Lab

    Jessica is an associate consultant supporting various clients in GHG and resource management and sustainability strategy. She has experience in developing greenhouse gas emissions inventories, supply chain engagement, verification reviews, client benchmarking, CDP responses, customized reporting and data analysis.

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  • WM. Scott Manahan, P.E.

    Scott, a water resource engineer and senior engineering manager, has over 25 years of professional consulting experience. His specialty is the design and construction of raw water supply production wells and wellfields for membrane water treatment facilities. His project experience includes aquifer performance testing, data analysis and production well and wellfield design, modeling and permitting. Additionally, Scott has conducted water resource development projects throughout South Florida and other locations within the southern U.S. He is a registered professional engineer and a member of the American Water Works Association.

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  • Jeremy Mohr

    Jeremy, a senior project director on WSP’s sustainability and energy team, has over ten years of experience advising large, complex clients on carbon, energy and climate change. He is dedicated to enabling successful client sustainability and energy strategies and programs through client-focused pragmatism, technical expertise and holistic approaches to the risks and opportunities presented by the energy transformation.

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  • Michael Mondshine

    Michael is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of energy, sustainability and climate change, with 23 years of experience in GHG accounting, policy development, mitigation and adaptation. He has been recognized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for his contributions to their receipt of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and has served as Board Chair of the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO).

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  • Josh Nothwang

    Josh is a practice leader on WSP USA's sustainability and energy team. He has 14 years of experience advising clients across sectors in sustainability strategy, program design, goal setting, performance measurement, supply chain transparency and supplier engagement, materiality assessment and reporting to CDP, GRESB, EcoVadis, GRI, DJSI, and other frameworks.

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  • Jacob Poling

    Jacob is an acoustics and noise control consultant specializing in conducting noise and vibration assessments for a wide variety of highway, transit and rail, power generation and construction projects along with architectural acoustics and mechanical noise control work.

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  • Patrick Romero

    Patrick, senior technical principal in acoustics, has over 18 years of experience in environmental and regulatory support for transportation planning, construction and design build projects. He leads noise and hazardous materials assessments for highway, transit, utility and construction projects in the western U.S.

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  • Julie Sinistore

    Julie is a project director and brings multiple skills to our sustainability and energy offerings. Her expertise includes Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and water footprinting of products and services, in addition to sustainability strategy in the electronics, bio-based fuels and chemicals, agriculture, and building and construction sectors.

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  • Dan Sobrinski

    Dan is a vice president on our sustainability and energy team, supporting clients with greenhouse gas (GHG) management, reporting and communications, sustainable energy strategy and climate preparedness. He is a registered professional engineer and experienced consultant with a passion for advancing innovative solutions to complex problems.

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  • Stefanie Woodward

    Stefanie is a project consultant with seven years of experience. She supports clients on sustainability strategy and goal setting, and water sustainability program development and implementation. She has experience in water risk assessment and mitigation, climate resilience and adaptation, supply chain sustainability and facilitating collaborative action.

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