Part 1 – Environmental Product Declarations: What are they?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a verified and registered document that shows the life cycle environmental impacts of a product. Having an EPD does not imply that the declared product is environmentally superior to alternatives, but it does provide a transparent declaration for customers who need confirmation of a product’s environmental impact from start to finish. The process of getting an EPD may seem complicated, however, it can be easily explained and facilitated by an experienced EPD advisor. Figure 1 helps decode the acronyms. To start the EPD process for your product, you first need to know if there is an existing Product Category Rule (PCR) for your product type. A PCR is like a recipe for making an EPD that sets out the rules, requirements and guidelines for creating an EPD. PCRs are governed by ISO standard 14025 which is an internationally recognized standard outlining requirements for EPDs

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