The Sustainability Reporting Landscape

In 2016, 1,089 companies responded to investor requests to report greenhouse gas (GHG) data through CDP Climate Change. This number has been steadily rising year-over-year, increasing ten-fold since 2010. As investor and consumer awareness on climate change continues to increase, organizations can expect to see new reporting frameworks and standards emerging and existing standards gaining momentum. While CDP is a leading framework for disclosure of climate, water and forests information, there are a number of other frameworks for disclosing similar information that organizations can consider. If your organization has put in the effort to understand its environmental footprint and is already reporting publicly through CDP, there are opportunities to further expand the influence and impact of this data. For example, you could report through sector-specific channels, such as GRESB and the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) or use available guidelines to further develop your citizenship and financial reporting. Sector-specific reporting

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