When the Standard Approach to Vapor Mitigation Just Doesn’t Cut It

When you construct near or adjacent to contaminated land you run the risk of chemicals in soil or groundwater, especially volatile organic compounds (VOC), migrating into the new facility. The prevalence of new construction at or adjacent to contaminated land coupled with the heightened concern over vapor intrusion from contaminated land has resulted in the development of various vapor mitigation applications to address health risks prior to and during construction.  On the flip side, when existing structures are found to be affected by vapor intrusion from historical contamination, vapor mitigation can be particularly challenging due to the ongoing use and occupancy of the structure. WSP USA recently encountered such a challenge at a manufacturing site in Arkansas where we are remediating groundwater contaminated with trichloroethene (TCE). TCE migrated 1,000 feet through bedrock flow and created an urgent need for vapor mitigation at an adjacent, 25,000-square foot strip mall. Our objective

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