An Introduction to Green Power Procurement

green power procurement, sustainable energy, PPA green power procurement, sustainable energy, PPA

Green power is becoming an essential component of leading sustainability programs. Developing a strategy for green power procurement will help ensure that companies define and achieve their objectives in an efficient and cost-effective way. Seven distinct green power procurement options are explored in our white paper Green Power Procurement – Understanding the Options. All offer unique benefits and considerations and can be the basis for developing a strategy. For purposes of this article, we present a brief discussion of two green power options – power purchase agreements (PPAs) and utility green power products. Power Purchase Agreements PPAs are a contractual agreement used in the utility power sector for long-term purchase of electricity produced by a particular source of generation. For electricity producers, PPAs offer long-term revenue certainty with a credit-worthy purchaser that allows the project to attract capital investment. For electricity purchasers, PPAs offer a long-term supply of green power with

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