Life Cycle Assessment and Materiality Assessment Part 3 – What do the numbers mean to you?

In Part One of this blog series we covered what a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is and the importance of a materiality assessment. In Part Two we delved into how to set up an LCA study. We will now explore what the final results might look like and how they can be used. We will continue building on the milk container example explored in Parts One and Two. If the goal is to reduce the overall impacts from the life cycle of the product, than a lower score indicates a lower impact. The goal is to come up with the smallest score or footprint possible. Big is bad. Therefore, important impacts get higher weighting. With that in mind and using the data and weightings in the table below, I created a very simple scoring system for GHG emissions, package recycling and product waste. The glass container has the highest GHG

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